services offered

These are some main categories of the work I do. 

Leaflets and brochures
Use Art Tank to produce your leaflets and brochures. Need DLE leaflets for your tourism business for the local i-sites, or need a full brochure for your upcoming conference, then Art Tank are the company to ask.

Magazine design and page layout
Use Art Tank to design and produce your magazine each issue. Many magazines are laid out by mac operators to given templates. While that works for some instances, it loses the wow factor and individuallity that individually designed pages have. Magazine design is not only about design, it is about production, flatplanning and time management. Debbie has heaps of magazine design and production experience, is quick, and can get your magazine designed and to the printers on time each issue. Does your company need to reduce costs by not replacing design staff? Or are you having problems with your current outsourcing? Then look no further.

Use Art Tank for producing your advertising needs – from black and white adverts for local papers, to full colour full page for glossy magazines, posters, to full billboard design, I can tie in your adverts with your brand, and set up a style for the ads if you want to update copy and or images each month. I supply the adverts as high resolution pdfs ready for publications to place.

Got a tired, old logo? Let me come up with a modern solution. After an initial consultation finding out what your current logo is like, what your likes and dislikes are and what you are after, I produce at least three different logo design ideas for you. Then you get back to me with what your favourite is (or sometimes favourites) and the design is tweaked into its final form.

Graphic design isn’t limited to the above categories. I also design posters, signage, vans, programmes, tickets, books, packaging and more… 
So if you have something out of the ordinary, then contact me to help realise it.