What clients say about Art Tank:

“You are so clever, I truly am in awe at all you have done and the speed at which you have done it for us. Thank you Debbie.”
– Tania Bigham, Member Services Manager, Professionals NSC

“You are a dream to work with, you understand a brief first time and your work is always accurate and creative, well done.”
– Jeff Howarth, The Waterworks Coromandel

“Hello clever designer, love it and so what I was asking another designer for, to no avail, honestly so frustrating! You are very intuitive, it really is an inherent talent. Truly love what you have done, cannot say it enough! Rave rave rave on how you have interpreted your instruction and made it something we can be proud of… many thank you’s. Awesome.” 
– Donna Corbel, Newmarket Business Association