Why use the services of a graphic designer?

Firstly let me answer the question “What is a graphic designer?”

A graphic designer doesn’t take photos, is (usually) not an illustrator and doesn’t specialise in writing copy! What a graphic design does is bring all these elements together to make a layout that suits what the client needs to for.

So why can’t I do that myself? How hard can it be?!

Maybe you think you can design your flyer etc yourself in programmes such as Microsoft Word. Well you can of course try that, but there are some things you need to bear in mind:

  • Microsoft Word is not designed for graphic design, it tries to control your layout every step of the way. Graphic deigners use specialist software designed for purpose.
  • Graphic designers are creative people who can see space and absence of space. They know how to balance type and images and have a large font library to choose the right font, not just the default you have on your PC.
  • Graphic designers know how to prepare a file for print and check it will print as expected.
  • Graphic deigners are able to advise what you may have overlooked in your design such as a call to action, or it not being clear what your business does exactly.
  • Graphic designers aren’t as expensive as you might think, especially if you approach a small company. I for instance will quote for a job, or am able to work on an hourly rate. It might only take 15 minutes for me to tweak something or design up an advert for you if you have all the elements ready.

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